The Power Of 3

The Meteors

01. (Do The) Blood Feast Twist
02. On The Devil‘s Side
03. No Rest For The Wicked
04. We Will Rise
05. The Curse Of The Hunger For Crawling Things
06. Rockin´ At The House Of Strange
07. Big Deal (What Have You Done?)
08. I´m The Wolf Man
09. Psycho (Wrecked Forever)
10. The Sons Of Destruction
11. Look Behind You 12. The New Primitives

Release Date: 29. July 2016
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

So here we go again into the pure psychobilly madness of the kings. Now, fresh as ever even after 37 years of constant touring and over 30 groundbreaking and cult sustaining albums, THE METEORS present their superb "next evolution" in the genre that they created and have cultivated and moved forward time after time.

Their new album “The Power of 3” blasts into devilish existence with 12 tracks of evil psychobilly rock ‘n‘ roll, razor sharp instrumentals and deranged lyrics leading to songs that are guaranteed to set any monsters lose and putting them straight to the wrecking pit!

THE METEORS – “Back to hell we go”!