Murder Gospels Vol. One

The Murder Brothers

01. Fury To Choke (Enter The Family)
02. Run Through The Jungle
03. I Got Fire
04. The Baron's Dance (Voodoo Blood)
05. Tritacadaveri (The Corpse Grinder)
06. The 4th Monkey
07. Paint It Black
08. Tyrannosaur Eyes
09. Blood Rain
10. Old Man Sea

Release Date: 30. Oktober 2015
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

A fantastic cocktail of the bizarre and tainted sides of the true force of Rock 'N' Roll's more evil face. THE MURDER BROTHERS ... yes, that's the family name for this true and deliciously non caring but happy band of crazed musical misfits.

Featuring a heady mix of P. Paul Fenech‘s musical and technical mastery and infamously unequaled guitar skills (indeed instrumental prowess never stopping at the boundaries of mere guitar playing) blended with the psychosis of Carlo Snake and the unnerving but oh so real presence of brother Angible Flesh and sweet but deadly sister Mazz Murder and the mutant child prodigy Baby Carlino Murder and the truly detached (as in actually without a body) Brother Ed murder.

“The Murder Gospels Volume One” is not for the the faint hearted or small minded… and it will destroy or at the very least disturb you... but it will get you and kick your soul about… MURDER MURDER MURDER.

The Murder Brothers