Madman Roll

The Meteors

01. Madman Roll
02. Queen Of The Slug People
03. Bertha Lou
04. Theme From "The Hypnotist"
05. You Can't Touch Me
06. Paint It Black
07. You're Mine
08. A Very Handy Man (Indeed)
09. Running 'Round
10. Simply Ravishing
11. Chainsaw Boogie
12. Chainsaw Boogie (It rubs the lotion on its skin 12" mix) Extra Track

Release Date: 8. July 2022
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

A pure psychobilly diamond: THE METEORS "Madman Roll".

The iconic album "Madman Roll" celebrates its 31st anniversary. Besides the single "Chainsaw Boogie", the record includes the rockabilly classic "Bertha Lou" as well as a cover version of "Paint It Black" by the ROLLING STONES.

For this occasion, the masterpiece, which has become a classic, shines in a new outfit. Sound and artwork have been polished and mastermind Paul Fenech gives the piece of band history an additional bonus track!