Happy Halloween V

P. Paul Fenech

01. Night For Darker Souls
02. Midnight Monsters Hop
03. Werewolves With Motorcycles On Speed
04. Halloween Stomp (Graveyard Stomp)
05. Let's Go Play At The Myers House
06. Graveyard
07. Wombie Zombie
08. Happy Halloween
09. Surf Monster
10. Forever Samhain

Release Date: 31. October 2018
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

For the 5th anniversary of the "Happy Halloween" series P. Paul Fenech returns with a new scary release on Mutant Rock Records! This collection contains all previous A- and B-sides of ALL 4 sold out "Happy Halloween" singles, as well as two new creepy tracks. For the 5th anniversary of this series, Mutant Rock Records have decided to present all tracks on one LP, as the previous singles were sold out very quickly in the past.

P. Paul Fenech

Photo Credit © Parcifal Werkman 2014