Happy Halloween IV

P. Paul Fenech

01. Werewolves With Motorcycles On Speed
02. Let's Go Play At The Myers House

Release Date: 31. October 2017
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

This is the brand new and fourth „Happy Halloween“ single by THE METEORS‘ dark lord, "Fendermaster” and Psychobilly founder P. Paul Fenech. He returns with new material for the biggest and darkest event of the year, the festival of Samhain!

The single, which has become a celebrated and highly anticipated tradition in the Rock ‘n‘ Roll world, includes the two tracks: „Werewolves With Motorcycles On Speed“ and „Let's Go Play At The Myers House“.

Get your copy of „Happy Halloween IV“ to celebrate this event like it should be… Happy Halloween!... Boo!

P. Paul Fenech

Photo Credit © Parcifal Werkman 2014