F**k The Bootleggers Vol. 1&2

The Meteors

Tracklist CD1:
01. Maniac Rockers From Hell (Live)
02. Shout So Loud (I`m Gonna Wake Up The Dead) (Live)
03. Big Sandy (Live)
04. When A Stranger Calls (Live)
05. Bertha Lou (Live)
06. I Don’t Worry About It (Live)
07. Domino (Live)
08. Wild Thing (Live)
09. Graveyard Stomp (Live)
10. Zombie Noise (Live)
11. Mutant Rock (Live)
12. Rawhide (Live)
13. Maniac (Live)
14. Rockhouse (Live)
15. Shout So Loud (I`m Gonna Wake Up The Dead) (Live)
16. Death Dance (Live)
Tracklist CD2:
01. Ex-Men Boogie (Live)
02. The Crazed (Live)
03. Blue Sunshine (Live)
04. Boots Were Made For Walking (Live)
05. Little Red Riding Hood (Live)
06. Rhythm Of The Bell (Live)
07. Hell Ain’t Hot Enough (Live)
08. Rockabilly Psychosis (Live)
09. Mind Over Matter (Live)
10. Hills Have Eyes (Live)
11. Maniac Rockers From Hell (Live)
12. Death Dance (Live)
13. Wild Thing (Live)
14. I Don’t Worry About it (Live)
15. Chainsaw Boogie (Live)
16. Insane (Live)
17. Wreckin‘ Crew (Live)

Release Date: 27. October 2017
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

"F**k The Bootleggers" is an official THE METEORS release on Mutant Rock Records! The recordings are "Live & Raw"! Pirate Quality! Reclaimed Bootleg Material and Remastered! CD version includes Volume 1 and 2 on two CDs in one set.