The Meteors

01. Who Do You Love
02. Electro III (Die Human Die)
03. The Devil Went Down To Moose's
04. Fool No More
05. Bad Boy
06. Shock Rocker
07. Stomping (With The Wrecking Crew)
08. Big Sandy
09. The Life And Times Of Chameleon Head
10. Sometimes (The Infernal Chord)
11. Between Heaven And Hell
12. Ballad Of A Black Hearted Man - Bonus Track
13. A Very Handy Man 12" (Deviant Film Mix) - Bonus Track

Release Date: 22. April 2022
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

THE METEORS "Demonopoly" Re-Issue with over-worked artwork and Re-Mastered by P. Paul Fenech himself! Bonus tracks included!