40 Days A Rotting

The Meteors

01. The Blood Red Sea
02. Road Burn
03. Psychocybernation
04. Blood Moon
05. 40 Days a Rotting
06. Murder Party
07. I Ain't Lost (Don't Look for Me)
08. Seven Skulls
09. The Rage (Never just for fun)
10. The Devil Take Me Highway
11. Dead Man's Hand
12. Eyes Blood Red
13. Doom Time
14. In the Land of a Spider God

Release Date: 5. April 2024
Mutant Rock Records
LC 52478

THE METEORS were formed in 1980 in a reaction to the bands that were singing about ‘Big Green Cars’, ‘Rocking This Town’ and being ‘Rockabilly Rebels’. Preferring their songs to contain topics about vampires, stomping in graveyards and radioactive kids, P. Paul Fenech, Mark Robertson and Nigel Lewis soon found themselves all over the media. A media who were eagerly lapping up their new sound christened (thought that is surely not the right word) – ‘Psychobilly’.

THE METEORS were front page news in the weekly music press, recording radio sessions and interviews for legends like John Peel, and gracing the silver screen care of a movie short that did the rounds with the Two-Tone movie ‘Dance Craze’. Their film ‘Meteor Madness’, apart from hosting some crazed performances with the unhinged trio, also featured songstress Lilly Allen’s father starring as none other than the rather exasperated Devil, strange but true.

By 1982 the original line-up had split with Lewis and Robertson going on to form their own bands while P. Paul forged ahead with a free hand with THE METEORS and his idea of how psychobilly should sound. That was a sound that had grown from one of a band’s own personal identity to a world-wide genre that is Psychobilly now over 43 years established. Paul and his band mates still are still constantly touring the globe and spreading their own definition of their self-created genre.

THE METEORS have continued to inspire and influence countless bands while continuing to lead the charge from the very vanguard. ‘40 Days a Rotting’ is the latest studio album by the undisputed ‘Kings Of Psychobilly’. 14 new tracks as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up THE METEORS brand of ‘Pure Psychobilly’, mashing up rockabilly, country, surf and rock’n’roll. A sound woven by Paul Fenech’s rockin’ guitar and bile-spitting Beelzebub-rousing lyrics. ‘40 Days a Rotting’ proves once again that despite some aspiring would-be usurpers THE METEORS won’t be giving up that crown anytime soon.