P. PAUL FENECH "Happy Halloween" 12" EP

Halloween is coming closer and closer! And since a few days P. Paul Fenech's "Happy Halloween 666" is completely sold out! We will try to ship all orders as soon as possible!

We wish you a Happy Halloween!



The Kings Of Psychobilly will tour the UK again in April 2020! Don't miss THE METEORS! OTMAPP!

UPDATE! Customer information about Mutant Rock Glow In The Dark Shirt

Jan 15th, 2020 - Update on Mutant Rock Records "Glow In The Dark" T-Shirts:

Finally the new Mutant Rock „Glow In The Dark“ shirts have arrived and…

THE METEORS live in Oberhausen! Free Patch!

40 YEARS OF PURE PSYCHOBILLY! These patches, limited to 300 copies, will only be available at the show in Oberhausen! The first 300 guests will get…